For the love of photojournalism.

Words & Photos By: Anthony Greenberg It’s easy to be jaded about the ubiquity of cell phones in our modern lives. As the last cohort of a generation that remembers ...

Birthday thoughts.

By: Britt Harvey In the wake of the plethora of blogs devoted to twenty-something half-sane writers hurling their mostly privileged and tragedy free lives into existence I hesitate, albeit briefly, ...

“I could liken you to a werewolf:” Break Up Rules to Live By.

By Britt Harvey “Nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key,” Fiona Apple sings in her latest album. The woman has made a whole living/divine career mining rubies ...

Great Reads

The birth control wars: the Canadian context.

By: Chantaie Allick The pill, the ring, an IUD, emergency contraception—say any ...

What’s in a name: A review of The Weird Sisters

The Book: The Weird Sisters The Author: Eleanor Brown (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam January ...

Advice: Sex has more flavours than an Ani DiFranco song.

Dear TheGaze, Vibrators. Is that a dirty word? Are guys afraid of ...

The Latest from TheGaze

Fiona Apple: “Valentine”

By: Britt Harvey I waited for the new Fiona Apple album like some anticipate the new Rob Zombie movie (I’m sure this happens). The results did not disappoint. In the seven years since “Extraordinary Machine” Fiona has not dulled nor turned to superficial pop excesses (I’m looking at you Liz Phair). She instead has turned […]

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Your daily Rufus: “Out of The Game,” I think not.

By: Britt Harvey There was a time when I harbored the secret hope that Rufus Wainwright, upon meeting me, would forever, (or at least temporarily) renounce men and pledge his undying love for me. This brief flitting delusion subsided long before Rufus donned stockings and sang Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall, but I still have […]

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Six emotional degrees of Lena Dunham and HBO’s Girls: dating gay men and other dating foibles.

By: Britt Harvey Before I get all navel-gazey and gross, let me preface this with saying I did not want to write this post. I love HBO’s Girls.  But considering current time constraints and in the interest of keeping a shred of my personal dignity, I decided to keep mostly mute (save for frantic text […]

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Your daily Chrissie: “Like Brigitte Bardot…”

By: Britt Harvey As I was re-watching and laughing my ass off at the most recent episode of HBO’s Girls, I heard a familiar saucy voice in the background. Chrissie Hynde’s “Message of Love,” plays in one of the episodes pivotal scenes as one of the show’s main characters (Jessa) drinks a White Russian before […]

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Toronto artist makes her mark in Vancouver

By: Chantaie Allick Jennifer Aitken, 26, is a Toronto born artist with deep roots in Vancouver. She studied at the celebrated West Coast art school, Emily Carr and is has her very first solo show at Trench Gallery in Vancouver from April 12th to May 12th. She spoke with Chantaie* about her art, her show and […]

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Bully: A relentless and heartbreaking call to action.

By: Britt Harvey Bully: 112 minutes, four out of four burgers. Director: Lee Hirsch. From the very beginning Bully smacks you upside the head and relentlessly hacks away at your emotions for the full 112-minute running time. Much like some of the film’s young bullies, director Lee Hirsch does not give the viewer a moment […]

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CBC’s Tanya Springer talks surrogacy, India and journalistic passion. Be prepared to be unprepared.

By: Britt Harvey Last Wednesday, Gaze friend and fellow Carleton journalism grad Tanya Springer aired her documentary ‘Of Mothers & Merchants: Commercial Surrogacy,’ on CBC’s The Current. You can listen to Tanya’s documentary at the link below. of-mothers-merchants-commercial-surrogacy Tanya’s documentary explored the world of commercial surrogacy in India and the Canadian and International couples that […]

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Game of Thrones recap: Give us Tyrion with a sprinkle of dragons and call it a day.

By: Andrew Evans Composers, Pet Stores and Little Big Men: Your Week 1 Game of Thrones Scorecard Its title suggests that Game of Thrones is some sort of fun, ongoing competition – y’know, a game! Like music chairs! (Except with only one chair, and it’s made of swords, and everyone wants to kill each other […]

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Neko Case and The Hunger Games.

By: Britt Harvey After watching The Hunger Games this weekend I was struck not only by the strong and fierce performance by Jennifer Lawrence, but by the film’s kick ass soundtrack that featured Gaze lady hero Neko Case. Case is no newbie to the music scene, having released many albums as a sometime member of […]

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Where the wild things are: a measured look at the condominium boom and its challenges.

By Anthony Greenberg As an urban planner, and due to its success, a question people often ask me is my opinion on the Toronto condominium boom. I do not have a definitive opinion. But this is a summary of my understanding. Many people do not like condos. Many people are critical of tall buildings. But […]

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