Lady Crush: In which we assert Meryl Streep can do no wrong.

By Chantaie Allick

Meryl Streep can do no wrong.

 In our eyes she is the indomitable figure that can take on the quiet yearning of Bridges of Madison County, the silly song and dance of Mama Mia!, the ice cold embodiment of another lady crush of ours in The Devil Wears Prada or the irreverent adventure of divorce and aging in It’s Complicated. She also does serious roles like her most recent performance in The Iron Lady that garnered her a Best Actress Oscar (her third and 17th nomination). In it she takes on a terrifyingly important role of Britain’s famed and much maligned and admired Margaret Thatcher.

She does it all with aplomb and grace. If we can’t be Meryl and we can’t be her best friend, then we definitely at least want to be at least a fraction like her when we get to her age, a regal 62. I can picture her just gliding through some big dramatic house in upstate New York just being Meryl, hair blowing in some inexplicable wind a air of Madonna-like serenity on her natural state of being.

 But that’s not why we love her. That is not why we want her to be our mother-in-law (by any means necessary) and those roles are not at all why we’ve chosen Meryl (that’s right, first name basis) to be our inaugural lady (or gentleman) crush.

 No. It is because she embodies everything a powerful, talented and simply awesome (in the actual sense of the word and not the bastardized slang term) that makes us form a crush. This is one that will never go away. She is one of the few famous people who might leave us speechless and would most definitely leave us blushing.

 True crush material. She’s talented, she’s sexy, she can take on any role and make it not only believable but also impossible to ignore. I found this site ( while trolling the Internet for Meryl related lore and had to share. Meryl, if there was any way that a start-up magazine with nary a budget to call it’s own could contact you for an interview, we would surely be the first to apply. Take note people, if one day TheGaze is a name even the likes of Ms. Streep would recognize she will be the first celebrity we’ll call.

 She recently adorned the cover of American Vogue. In it we find out she’s part of a decades long campaign (since 1998 according to Vogue) for the establishment of an American National Women’s History Museum ( Yes please, Meryl.

 The thing about her is that we know she’s awesome, she must have some sense of how amazing she is, but yet she never gives off that “oh I’m an ACTOR,” vibe that can so easily turn one off of a great thespian, (yes I wrote thespian).

 Meryl is a woman’s woman. Powerful because of what appears to be a serious sense of self and self-comfort. In a world of fake it until you make it, hers is a natural ease we’d all like to emulate until one day we’re actually just that cool. Well into her sixties and making ladies of a certain age (twenty-something) gush, is a feat in of itself. Oh Meryl, let me count the ways.

 So thank you Meryl. We know it’s a lot to live up to, but please stay cool for all of us still figuring things out, desperate for a strong role model, we love you.

 P.S. It’s called Lady Crush for a reason. The gushing is part of crushing quite frankly.


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