So we started a magazine

Britt Harvey and Chantaie Allick co-creators, publishers, writers, editors and whatever else you need us to be of TheGaze explain how and why this all happened and where we hope and plan for it to go.

What TheGaze means to me…

By Britt Harvey

TheGaze magazine came to fruition as most new ideas do: over a cheese plate and numerous glasses of red wine.

Inspired partly by the silky ambiance of good female company and good wine, and partly by the desperate need never to write another story about cat adoptions: I envisioned TheGaze as a place where I could go to read and write about topics as diverse as Jared Leto’s eyebrows and America’s policy on Iran.

It was also important to me to have a place where women and men could come to read and write and think critically about media, gender, race, and all those fun and divergent ideas and ideologies that make up this crazy country.

I was tired of reading stories about neck fat and armpit-plasty and I wanted a place where friends and strangers could go to hear honest and (mostly) truthful accounts infused with wit, humanity and a touch of irreverence.

Okay, so the last part sounded a bit pompous. But what I mean is: TheGaze is merely another avenue to continue the conversations had in bars, bedrooms, on couches, restrooms, waiting rooms, in cars, and all the multitude of ways we connect, share and infuse the mundane and the insane with meaning.

And if one day this leads to an actual interview with mythical sex dragon Ryan Gosling, then that’s okay too.

…And me

By Chantaie Allick

Co-creator Chantaie AllickWriting is in my heart and my blood and composes the air I breathe (to play with some metaphors and clichés). I love it. I will take any opportunity to do it. You tell me to write it and I will put words to paper, tablet or screen. But getting to write about issues and ideas that mean something to people is especially precious. And rare. That’s the selfish part of me telling you why we did this.

The other reason is because it’s needed. Canada needs a publication for women that provides insight and thought and (gasp) opinions about issues that matter to women and often men.

That being said I have to warn you: feminist is a complicated word and a feminist magazine takes on those complications. It’s messy, controversial and not everyone likes it, which means I’m totally into it. I’ve never called myself a feminist in a strict sense of the term, but I have been accused of it by other people and it was a cloak I was willing to wear. I’m a strong female with tons of opinions that I’m happy to share, or so I’m told.

But this also a conversation, hopefully one that flows and isn’t bound by the rules of “this is a magazine about blank and can only talk about said topic.” I love fashion, I love food and I love pretty things. So those will have a home here. But I also care about the role of HIV in the lives of Canadians, changes to health care, politics and a bunch of other issues that might make you want to seek twitter and the other easy sites. That’s not my goal, making you uncomfortable that is. My goal is to engage you, men and women, in dialogue that moves beyond what you hear in the usual media about issues that matter to us (me, Britt and our writers).

So prepare yourselves. Trust me, it’ll be awesome.

This all started with a few glasses of wine, the desire for something to invigorate the media landscape and the real life decision to do it. We’re going to make this amazing, for our readers and for us.


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3 Comments on “So we started a magazine”

  1. ajh
    March 10, 2012 at 3:58 AM #

    Love the site and look forward to seeing more. You’ve been bookmarked! 🙂

  2. Barbara Freeman
    March 13, 2012 at 10:30 PM #

    Hey you two – congrats and the best with this new mag. Look forward to reading more….
    Your former prof from J4307 – Gender and the Journalist,

    • March 13, 2012 at 10:35 PM #

      Thanks, Barbara! We’re glad you like the site. We’re pretty excited for it and I’m sure there will be pieces on TheGaze that speak directly to some of the things we learned in your class.



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