Songs to Breakdown to: The Tony Rich Project

By: Britt Harvey

Ever hear a song that can take you back to a certain place/time/feeling/memory? (Well of course you have, you’re not a robot).

While having a particularly emotional evening (the kind where you sink a Ripple chip into onion dip so hard it snaps into tiny salty shreds) I stumbled on a forgotten musical gem from my youth. “Nobody knows it but me,” by the Tony Rich Project, reminds me of sleepover parties, Chex Mix, Cream Soda, and staring into the abyss in your friend’s basement wondering if someone will hold your hand at the sock hop. Sock hops!

Honestly- I’d love it if there were still sock hops. People would be a lot happier (my feet included) if there were a shoes off policy at places where some major rug cutting is expected. But I guess you don’t have to worry about broken glass and condom wrappers when you’re in the 8th grade gymnasium, or maybe you do, if your school was bad ass like that.

The smooth vocals, the cheesy but lets face it, emotionally stirring lyrics – “Nobody knows it but me” is (in my opinion) bubble gum pop perfection. What could more could a recently sexually awakened 13-year-old want in life than a sensual song about love lost? Because in those moments in my best friend’s basement, before I even had my first heartbreak, Tony was putting lyrics to the inexpressible void of youth, (last line brought to you by red wine).




Categories: Art, Music


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