Mouthsplosion at The County General

By: Britt Harvey

The County General, 936 Queen St. West

Three and a half burgers out of four.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my previous blog called BURGERTOWN, it’s sufficient to say that I love a good burger. And by ‘love’ I mean, rip my shirt off dance naked through flames at Mardi Gras kind of love. In essence, all other food is ‘just playing’ at being special, while the burger is the big show.

A burger can serve as a litmus test for all the food to follow. You do this one thing right, and I am putty in your hands for the next hour or so (I am also inadvertently dropping not so subtle dating hints).

The County is a place I’d been wanting to try for a while. The simple but homey decor, the fried chicken, the fact that the burgers are ground fresh daily and a lot of the sauces and toppings (even the pickles!) are made in-house, and tales of the mouth-watering cocktails all made it back to my ears and filled my stomach with a vague space only a delicious burger can fill.

So it is with GREAT pleasure and relief that I can report that I was more than satisfied following a recent visit to this relatively new establishment. FULL disclosure, I ate with two lady friends of mine, one who happens to work in the County kitchen. She showed a little trepidation before I had my first burger bite, but my reaction after munching down on the juicy goodness that followed, availed her of any doubts about my thoughts on the matter.

I’m just going to put it out there. I’m a very ‘vocal’ eater. Basically I’m like a Baptist preacher of the eating world. I yell, I shout, I pound my fists on the table, my eyes roll to the back of the head. Eating is my kind of religious experience and I’ve been converted a thousand times over. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

To start we had a delicious pork bun trio. The buns (made in-house) were soft, fluffy and delicious. The pork salty and succulent, each one coming with different tastes (one with homemade Kimchi, one with avocado) alongside some spicy coleslaw that was both sweet and more than a little bit flavourful. Would not hesitate to order this again.

And for the big show…a burger and fries. Served with homemade pickle, mayo, mustard and cheese (extra), don’t be put off by the relatively small burger size. This thing packs major flavour and more than satiates your burger needs. My chef friend reminded me that the burger is ground fresh daily, which gives it its delectable taste. Not to get too graphic, but the juices on this little guy were flowing. People always talk about how burgers aren’t great ‘date food.’ I guess because it’s supposedly revolting to watch humans enjoy delicious food- but let me tell you- I’m less worried about mayo running down my hands than I am about completely ignoring my date to focus all my attention on this delicious burger. In my opinion there should be a five minute silent rule at the beginning of every meal.

That way I can get a handle on my self, enjoy the first few bites, and then start to converse again like a regular human being- instead of the burger-obsessed broad that I am.

All in all, it was a delightful and satisfying meal. The fries were salty and perfectly cooked, the homemade ketchup was spicy and delicious and I say that being a full-fledged card-carrying Heinz lover. I’ll return again, perhaps to have The County’s chicken sandwich. But like a first love or a really bad oven burn, I’ll never forget my first County burger. I’m giving this a 3 and a half burger Harvey guarantee.

This is where I used to live


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One Comment on “Mouthsplosion at The County General”

  1. March 9, 2012 at 10:02 PM #

    “That way I can get a handle on my self, enjoy the first few bites, and then start to converse again like a regular human being- instead of the burger-obsessed broad that I am.” Golden, Harvey. Golden.

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