Why I/We love Kim Coates

By: Chantaie Allick

So Britt and I went to a taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight after our friend, who produces for the show, invited Britt to see George interview Taylor Kitsch, known around these parts as the dreamboat Kelowna, BC boy who played hottie Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights.

I tagged along because I thought it’d be fun. Who says no to sitting mere feet away from a young, hot Canadian boy who also happens to be starring in two huge blockbusters (John Carter and Battleship) coming to theatres this year ? Whether or not I knew who he was before meeting Britt (which I didn’t) or if I intend to see either movie (probably not likely), I was into it.

I expected it to be a bunch of hot young things like Britt and myself there to salivate over Riggins–I mean Kitsch.

But instead we were greeted by a bunch of middle-aged, pot-bellied, bearded men and a school group from Brantford, Ontario. Okay…

They had come to see someone else. I couldn’t have cared less.

Until a tall, blue-eyed man with dark scruffy hair, a goatee and wonderful rugged lines in his face sauntered onto the set (and into my little heart).

Noah. Kim Coates is not only good-looking in an old enough to be my father sort of way, he’s charming. He happily laughed at himself when talking about some of his less successful films and explained to George the reasoning behind some of his choices. “I’ll never play a rapist or a pedophile,” he said adding “I just won’t.” He’s also a well-known and successful character actor whose name you might not know when it’s mentioned, but whose face you’d recognize instantly. He plays bad guys so good and was a long time successful stage actor before moving to Hollywood. He remains the youngest actor ever to play Macbeth.

And man was he attractive, in that “I’ve lived my life, I’m successful and I’m completely comfortable in my skin” sort of way that is irresistible. He is also a man who loves women. He didn’t say it but you get that after listening to him talk for a while. He has a wife of 27 years and two daughters and said although he plays bad-ass Tig in Sons of Anarchy he’s proud of the show and the role because it’s really about strong female characters (thank you Katey Sagal). It’s like he knows exactly what to say to make my heart hiccup.

AND, he’s Canadian. Born in Saskatchewan and when he was in town recently to shoot two films there (I know, weird, but apparently the Prairies are a hot-bed of film-making for their Midwestern aesthetic) he stayed with his mum. Right? So cool.

So Wednesday, while the rest of you were probably out working hard or doing something productive I was promising myself to start in on Sons of Anarchy, a show loved by pot-bellied, rambunctious men round the country, and get myself better acquainted with the work of Mr. Coates. (Review to follow.)

So sorry Taylor, I went with the best of intentions of falling for your former hockey player charm and couldn’t stop thinking about Coates while George chatted you up. Give it 20 more years and I’m sure some other young journo with a love-on for maturity will be singing similar praises to you.


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4 Comments on “Why I/We love Kim Coates”

  1. Flo
    March 9, 2012 at 8:32 PM #

    Pretty perceptive for a young woman. Mr. Coates has that effect on women, rendering us powerless….I wrote the tribute/poem the PA read.
    As he would say “Embrace it..don’t fight it”. And as George said he’s “the hardest working Canadian actor in Hollywood”. You will be in awe of his talent. Check out his performance as Carl Ertz in Entourage and King of Sorrow.
    Not only is he a talented actor/producer he supports and pursues many charitable endeavours, especially the troops.

    • March 9, 2012 at 8:50 PM #


      We both LOVED your poem when it was read at the taping. Feel free to post it here if you’d like to share it–it gives a great sense of his career, his life and his impact. Not only is Coates talented (and delicious), he’s got some amazing fans. Thanks for the comment.


  2. March 10, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

    I’ve been deeply in love with Mr. Coates since he first graced my tee vee screen in 1986 in the episode Viking Bikers from Hell in Miami Vice. I’ve followed his career ever since, and have ALMOST all his teevee/movie appearances on tape/dvd.

    He once said in an interview that he gives good creep. One of the favorite creep roles of him is in Hostage. You never see his face, just hear his voice and see his eyes. But he’s also good at giving sweet, like he does in the damsel in distress movie ‘married to a stranger’. That sometimes appears on Reelz channel.

    The great thing is that Mr. Coates is very approachable in real life. I had the opportunity to meet him in Jan at cyclefest USA. He was gracious and didn’t seem offended that I cried all over the place at finally gettin’ to meet him.

    The fact that he is so real makes a lot of us swoon.

    • March 10, 2012 at 3:29 PM #

      I totally understand the love, Tigtragerscat. He was just at charming at the George taping. Just totally down to earth and comfortable in his skin. And he’s got some loyal fan. I feel like I’ve come to this game late. I just started in on Sons of Anarchy and am loving his strange, twisted but also darkly hilarious Tig. Thanks for sharing.


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