The Current: Gaze lady hero Tanya Springer will talk CBC Docs, India and journalism.

By: Britt Harvey

“Infertility is expensive.

In Canada, in-vitro fertilization, embryo freezing, and adoption applications have a way of draining the bank accounts of prospective parents. Commercial surrogacy was outlawed in Canada about 8 years ago, under the ‘Assisted Reproduction Act.’ The Act prohibited the commercialization of human reproduction, because it was seen as ‘not in keeping with Canadian values.’

But there’s nothing stopping Canadians from traveling overseas to India; where highly-skilled, English-speaking medical professionals offer assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy, in the absence of governmental regulation. The result is a relatively affordable, ever expanding and increasingly controversial industry. Now there is a bill before the Indian government that aims to provide basic protections for surrogates. But many fear it won’t go far enough.”

CBC’s Tanya Springer traveled to India to learn more. Her Special Report documentary, Of Mothers and Merchants, airs Wednesday March 28th, on CBC Radio 1, The Current. 

The above blurb was brought you by Gaze friend and CBC journalist/producer Tanya Springer. FULL DISCLOSURE: Both Chantaie and I went to journalism school with Tanya and are delighted and just downright thrilled her re-worked MRP (Masters Research Project) is going to air on CBC’s The Current tomorrow (Wednesday). We both personally saw the blood, sweat and more than a few tears that went into this project. This piece of journalism is truly the product of many months of planning, research and just plain hard work. TheGaze will have an exclusive interview with Tanya after the doc airs tomorrow.

This is one smart lady covering a pressing issue in a thoughtful and articulate way. Tune in to The Current tomorrow and then come back to the site for our interview with Tanya about India, surrogacy, and kicking ass at journalism.

Click on the link below to access The Current’s live feed.


Photo above is of Tanya and the full-page ad from her story in Saturday’s Globe and Mail.


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