Chantaie Allick

Chantaie is one half of the team that founded TheGaze. She’s a writer, dreamer and eater (in that order). She’s also a freelance writer and reporter based in Toronto. She’ll write about everything and anything thrown at her, but is most passionate about issues that matter to communities and peoples that are often overlooked in the usual media. She’s the resident realist, serious hard-thinker who makes an effort not to take anything or anyone too seriously–she’s also full of contradictions. Vogue, Esquire, Vanity Fair and any other magazine with beautiful writing or images inspire her. This sometimes hippy, former Vancouverite and recovering journalism school lady is into fashion, food and art. So she’ll write about those things on top of helping to make sure this magazine is the best online lady source going.

Britt Harvey

Co- founder of TheGaze, Britt Harvey, is a journalism grad, sometime writer and full-time robe-wearer/burger-eater. Britt first discovered her feminist leanings when she organized an early revolt against a Grade Seven gym teacher who said only boys were strong enough to put away the gym equipment. She’s still nursing a back injury from carrying not one but two, heavy metal volleyball poles. Britt writes about pop culture, food, movies, un-ironic mustaches, politics, and her undying love for the grilled cheese sandwich.

@whataplunge on Twitter.

Samia Madwar

Samia Madwar is a full-time appreciator of science with a growing obsession in the Arctic. When she’s not daydreaming about the trip around the Arctic Circle she someday hopes to take, Samia’s interests turn to the role of women in the Middle East. She is convinced that the only way to bring peace and prosperity to the troubled region is to have women in charge. She’s still working on the details as to how that will play out. @madsamia on Twitter

Teghan Beaudette

Teghan can often be found having drinks with her lady friends and her least masculine man friends after a long day of procrastinating and agonizing over insignificant social interactions. She has a general disdain for everything that doesn’t come smothered in cheese and especially likes watching bad movies and television shows so she can talk over them and then talk about them. She is currently finishing a graduate degree that has thus far not killed her. She likes to write about things.

Shannon Culver

Shannon Culver is a part-time brownie-baker, a fair-weather bike-rider, and a full-time book nerd. She used to save up her allowance every week so that she could buy the latest installment of The Baby-Sitters Club series, so when she grew up, she got a job in the industry so that they would give her books for free. She reads fiction, books about food, and the odd political memoir to make her look smart.

Andrew Evans

In the fall of 2008, a 22-year-old Andrew Evans walked into a career fair at the University of Manitoba to survey the options available to a soon-to-be Human Resource and Marketing major. The vast array of insurance agencies, trucking companies and the Canadian Wheat Board terrified him so greatly he collapsed on the spot, foaming at the mouth and screaming “I’M TOO YOUNG! I’M TOO YOUNG!”

Upon regaining consciousness, he dedicated himself to doing something important with his life. Specifically, addressing the distinct lack of people saying snarky things about sports, televsion and music on the Internet. He enrolled in the Ryerson School of Journalism, moved to Toronto, and, most importantly, grew a beard.He’ll muse on anything from pop culture to politics to his own peculiarities. Read him here at The Gaze and follow him on Twitter @SavedByTheBeard.

Anthony Greenberg

Anthony is a young urban planner in Toronto. He used to work in the arts, then realized that was more of an interest than a career move. One masters degree later and in the midst of exploring his new profession, Anthony ponders many thoughts about urbanism, youth, creative communities, gentrification, and the like. His column here is a place for him to share some of these musings. Anthony has been steadily gaining confidence in his chef skills and lives every day resisting what seems like an impending yuppie lifestyle.

Rabbi Solomon

It took three thousand years of glorious tradition, eons of Talmudic study and generation after generation of advice-dispensing Semitic progenitors… but Rabbi Solomon is finally here to answer all your questions about ladies’ undergarments. The good Rabbi understands boys (oy, what louts!) and girls (gevalt, so anxious!) and loves giving advice to both. When he’s not responding to your frantic inquiries, Rabbi Solomon enjoys romantic, Shabbos-candle-lit dinners with a good bottle of Manischewitz.

Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee works as a full-time counter for the Cat Census Centre of Canada.  She’s not all work though; her spare time is dedicated to campaigning against lactose intolerance, defending Steve Nash’s haircuts, and dreaming of being a panelist on a British quiz show.  You’ll find her in her room.

Renée Massicotte

Slow to judge and quick to listen, Renée has honed her advice-giving skills over several years as the friend who will happily listen to you dwell on your weird or insignificant problems when no one else will. Chief witness to countless break-ups, hook-ups, and screw-ups (including her own), Renée is the friend most likely to listen to you drunkenly cry at 2am while she explains to you why you are going to be okay. When she’s not acting as the cool salve to a fiery situation, Renée is continuing her research in the area of Conflict Studies.


If you’re interested in writing for TheGaze or contacting any of our writers please feel free to send an email or pitch to


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